We have many options to meet your advertising needs. Robert Cardoza Live is a non-partisan political radio talk show with a global audience. The show’s focus is: Politics Money and You. And the main talking points currently are in the topics and categories of:  Politics, The Economy, and World Affairs.

A significant portion of the show is devoted to topics about personal finance management, Taxes and regulations, and advice regarding taxes. The Live Radio Show reaches 1,125,000 people per week. Our online audience is quickly growing as well. Robert Cardoza Live is on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The online show can be watched on Ustream live or previous episdodes that have been recorded.

In addition to the Live show on AM1050 covering the Inland Empire, and parts of Orange County and LA County, the Robert Cardoza Live show is supported by a professionally maintained daily blog where Robert expresses his opinions on the topics covered during the live show.

Advertising is available on the Live Radio Show, Robert Cardoza Live which airs every weekday, Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The minimum recommended campaign is two 30 second commercials with a 16 week long exposure. This article on recommended radio campaigns explains why. You can buy as many or as few commercial spots as you want, pricing is as follows:

15 Seconds Commercial – $20

30 Seconds Commercial – $35

60 Seconds Commercial – $60.00

Double Wham!


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Banners and Links on the Robert Cardoza Live Website. See the advertising sponsorship zones picture and select the ad space you would like to buy.


  1. Sponsorship Available  Home & Main Categories – 125x125px Ad. 30, 60, 90 day slots – Shown on Front Page & Main Categories.
    Where is this ad? 
    This ad is on the most trafficked pages of the site. On the sidebar, size is 125x125px and it is a 2×4 grid-style layout. Ads rotate on each page view. See front page, or image. Sold in 30 day periods.
  2. For SALE Buy Zone 2 – 250×250 Adspace 30, 60, 90 day slots Front Page & Generic Archives.
    Where is this ad? Just below the fold, this is also shown on the most trafficked pages on the site. This ad is 250x250px single ad layout. Sold in 30 day increments.
  3. Zone 3 – Reserved – Coming Soon.
  4. Zone 4 – Reserved – Coming Soon.  On main pages: About, Contact, Talk Show, Categories.
  5. For SALE Buy Zone 5 Home page only – Home page, per 1000 impressions.
    Where is this ad? Bottom center of the main column on the front page only. 300x250px. This ad is sold based on every 1000 impressions.




Text Links

Coming Soon.

Additional value: Purchasing any ad also ads a direct link from our Resources page to your website.


Voice Over Service & Ad creation services

Coming Soon.


Live on the Show

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